How to be Fashionable Even at the Hospital

Doctors and even nurses always criticize their need to wear boring white or plain uniforms all the time. They have to wear the same style of uniforms day after day. For some, this may sound childish but they really do feel that they have the need to be more fashionable even though they are at work. Of course, feeling good means that they can do their jobs better with so much efficiency. They would also love to be appreciated for their attire not only of their good performance at work. Hence, how to be fashionable and be a stand out in the hospital scene would be a welcome idea to them. Fashion is not always about the clothes you wear nor the brand. A person who is wearing a landau scrub and white shoes may even look better than someone who is in a cocktail dress and high heels. What does this mean? It means that being fashionable is a choice whether you are wearing a plain uniform or a gorgeous and expensive dress. The first is the secret of posture. Posture emphasizes all the parts of your body from head to toe. It defines your aura and personality. It imbibes your positivity and even your vision. Try to stand straight with your chin up. Walk and feel the difference. Let your arms sway comfortably and with confidence and you will notice the impact it will bring to you and to your patients. Learn to have a good posture even when you are rushing to your patient’s room and even when you are just walking. Next, is attitude. Many says that attitude does not have anything to do with fashion but they are wrong. Having a good attitude will bring out a glow in you. A natural glow and a warm smile is the greatest accessory you can ever wear. It is better than the most expensive jewelries and designer dresses. Smile and everyone will smile at you and believe us, they will not even look at your landau medical scrubs. They will just focus on the positive energy that you are emitting. And whatever you are wearing will not be important anymore because you touched not only their eyes but their hearts as well. Of course, your sense of perfection at work is the greatest thing that could make you fashionable. Everyone will notice you if your heart and soul is dedicated at your work. You commit less and even no mistakes and at the same time giving satisfaction to your patients, to yourself and to the whole hospital community. There is nothing more fashionable than an intelligent and warm worker. Being fashionable is not about what you wear anymore. It is also your inner being and how you imbibe these to other people. Nobody can even copy this personal individuality of yours. Be fashionable through these advices and you will never go wrong. Even at hospitals, you will stand out among the crown of same uniforms because you are the one who makes a difference in everyone’s life.